Tali Gibson Designs: Company Portfolio

Did you know that we have a Portfolio available here at Tali Gibson Designs? We do! It has been here on the website since we opened, albeit lacking in content. Since opening, the team has been busy updating it with samples of the type of work we do here.

As the nature of the portfolio additions are small and not actual “posts”, rather than spam everyone with updates the aim will be to make posts similar to this one. The goal here is to wrap up a few month’s worth of portfolio additions when necessary.

Updates: July to September 2019

Mechanical Engineering

On the mechanical engineering side, we have put up examples in design for 3D printing, design for plastic injection molding, 3D CAD modeling and design, and part and assembly design.

More information on each project can be found through the links above!

Graphic Design

On the graphic design side, we have created examples relating to photo editing, with focus on specific styles in text and image interaction, visual explosion, visual decay, and photo manipulation.

More information on each project can be found through the links above!

Keep a lookout for more updates! If there’s something you’d like to see here that we have not yet shared, could further elaborate on, or you think we have missed, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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