Layout Design: Brochures

Design mockup of two promotional brochure covers for Green Acres Home & Garden Center.

We have the fictional company Green Acres Home & Garden Center, and they have just finished promoting their new breakfast menu for their cafe with a flyer advertisement. Now, they would like additional marketing materials prepared for their customers, to keep them updated and engaged, to be released on a seasonal basis.

The best fit for their needs, in this case, is to release a brochure featuring photos from the garden center, relevant articles, event highlights, and further advertising for the garden center’s cafe. This brochure could be available as PDF download on their website and printed in a limited run to give out to customers in-store.

The layout includes a front and back cover with three spreads in between. The Spring issue features articles about growing and cooking with herbs, the best way to encourage butterflies to your own garden, and the natural locally-grown foods available in the garden center’s cafe. It’s short and to the point, and full of visuals.

The image below features covers for the Spring and Summer issues of Green Acres Home & Garden Center‘s 2020 Edition of their brochure series. Each issue would be updated for the next season.

Have an idea that uses this kind of design, but not sure how to make it happen? Here at Tali Gibson Designs, we would love to hear from you and make your idea come to life. Send us an email and let’s discuss!

Resources: Mockup templates by Janalfred Barclay. Photographs used in design are from Pexels.

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