Photo Editing: Manipulation

Close-up of Mermaid in a Fishbowl

Photomanipulation, often referred to as photomanips or composites, is the art of combining multiple images together to create something new and interesting.

This can be used for something simple, like combining multiple family photos taken in the same session. One reason to take multiple photos would be to ensure one is able to combine the photographs in the case of a person not looking at the camera in one photo, but is in another. Or, a child or pet is smiling in another photo, but running away in the next. With so many similar photos to choose from, a designer or photographer is able to put some of these photos together to create a more ideal shot.

My favourite way to use the skill is with the second option: creating something fantastical, and aim to get it to look as realistic as possible.

For example…

Mermaid in a Fish Bowl

Fish photo by Claudio Guglieri.
Fish bowl photo by Alan Cabello from Pexels.
Swimmer photo by Federico Sironi.

The image shown above combines three individual images, which I have also linked above for easy access to the original sources.

The intent behind this project was to take an image of something normal and unassuming (in this case, a fish bowl) and make it into something else. A fish bowl and fish are normal things, but what if there was a mermaid in there too?

After careful consideration of the images to use, searching Pexels and Unsplash for the right combination, I chose a few different options that appeared they could work together. But, the only way to know for certain would be to give it a shot. (This process has a fair bit of trial-and-error, and if we’re lucky, less of the latter.)

The final result is seen above.

In the end the real question is: Would you put a mermaid in a fish bowl?

Have an idea that uses this kind of design, but not sure how to make it happen? Here at Tali Gibson Designs, we would love to hear from you and make your idea come to life. Send us an email and let’s discuss!

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