Photo Editing: Text Image Interaction

“Secret Garden” design mockup. The text made is to appear to be emerging from the leaves.

There are many ways to generate interest in a product and grab a viewer’s attention. One option is to create something that, on second glance, is not quite what it seems to be.

An image like this, upon closer inspection, has the added detail of leaves appearing both above and below the text. This interaction creates a more dynamic look, and best used as a title page or feature, building intrigue with the idea that the text is a part of the photo itself.

Our example is not too complex, as one can clearly make out the text “secret garden”. Other images may work better with more complexity, either in the image itself or in the design of the text (or both!) This technique is often seen on magazine covers, where a model is placed to appear “above” the still-recognizable magazine name behind them.

Each image is unique based on the background image, text, and the requirements of the project. Due to this, different projects will take varying amounts of time to complete.

Have an idea that uses this kind of design, but not sure how to make it happen? Here at Tali Gibson Designs, we would love to hear from you and make your idea come to life. Send us an email and let’s discuss!

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