Photo Editing: Visual Explosion

Close up of “Break Free”.

Visual Explosion is an effect similar to Visual Decay, often used to make an object, or person, appear to becoming apart or leaving a trail behind them.

In the image below, the effect was used with a photo of a woman who is active and strong, in an upbeat pose. She could be dancing, or rocking her sense of fashion, or both! The photo is a mockup of what could be used in an advert or poster, promoting anything from a dance studio, classes, or movement.

In this case, it was the idea of a dance class. The text was chosen to promote the idea of breaking free of one’s reservations and feeling comfortable with one’s own self image.

Visual Explosion: Break Free
 Resources: Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels.

The style here is quite similar to visual decay, which I recommend checking out as there are some interesting and fun examples of that in the portfolio.

Have an idea that uses this kind of design, but not sure how to make it happen? Here at Tali Gibson Designs, we would love to hear from you and make your idea come to life. Send us an email and let’s discuss!

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