Project Tag: Graphic Design

Layout Design: Annual Reports

An annual report is a publication that includes information a company’s activities over the preceding year. It is intended to give shareholders and interested parties insight and details in the company’s activities and financial performance. Annual reports, like other long-form documents, require additional consideration… Continue Reading “Layout Design: Annual Reports”

Layout Design: Lookbooks

A Lookbook is a photograph collection or compilation, created to promote a model, photographer, style or clothing line. This is different from a catalog that a company or department store may release, as lookbooks generally do not include prices, plus codes, or order forms.… Continue Reading “Layout Design: Lookbooks”

Layout Design: Prospectus

A prospectus is a document, often intended for print, that advertises or promotes a commercial enterprise or forthcoming event in order to attract clients, members, buyers, or investors as necessary for the case. Such a document can be any number of pages as necessary,… Continue Reading “Layout Design: Prospectus”

Layout Design: Brochures

Design mockup of two promotional brochure covers for Green Acres Home & Garden Center. We have the fictional company Green Acres Home & Garden Center, and they have just finished promoting their new breakfast menu for their cafe with a flyer advertisement. Now, they would like… Continue Reading “Layout Design: Brochures”

Ads: Promotional Flyers

Design mockup of promotional materials The fictional company Green Acres Home and Garden Center wants to promote their new breakfast menu and generate interest by offering a coupon. One way they can do this is by creating various promotional materials that appeal to their… Continue Reading “Ads: Promotional Flyers”

Photo Editing: Visual Explosion

Close up of “Break Free”. Visual Explosion is an effect similar to Visual Decay, often used to make an object, or person, appear to becoming apart or leaving a trail behind them. In the image below, the effect was used with a photo of… Continue Reading “Photo Editing: Visual Explosion”

Photo Editing: Visual Decay

Close-up of Figure 2 (seen below in full) Visual Decay is an effect designed to mimic an object coming apart, often used for designs featuring dancers and shoes. It’s a style that can be bold or pushed over-the-top, or subtle like in Figure 1… Continue Reading “Photo Editing: Visual Decay”

Ads: Postcards and Posters

Design mockup of a promotional postcard design. Advertising comes in many forms and will always be a part of our lives. The key is making our product rise up from the crowd. We accomplish this by knowing the best way to promote a product… Continue Reading “Ads: Postcards and Posters”

Photo Editing: Text Image Interaction

“Secret Garden” design mockup. The text made is to appear to be emerging from the leaves. There are many ways to generate interest in a product and grab a viewer’s attention. One option is to create something that, on second glance, is not quite… Continue Reading “Photo Editing: Text Image Interaction”