Project Type: Graphic Design

Layout Design: Annual Reports

An annual report is a publication that includes information a company’s activities over the preceding year. It is intended to give shareholders and interested parties insight and details in the company’s activities and financial performance. Annual reports, like other long-form documents, require additional consideration… Continue Reading “Layout Design: Annual Reports”

Layout Design: Lookbooks

A Lookbook is a photograph collection or compilation, created to promote a model, photographer, style or clothing line. This is different from a catalog that a company or department store may release, as lookbooks generally do not include prices, plus codes, or order forms.… Continue Reading “Layout Design: Lookbooks”

Layout Design: Prospectus

A prospectus is a document, often intended for print, that advertises or promotes a commercial enterprise or forthcoming event in order to attract clients, members, buyers, or investors as necessary for the case. Such a document can be any number of pages as necessary,… Continue Reading “Layout Design: Prospectus”

Layout Design: Brochures

Design mockup of two promotional brochure covers for Green Acres Home & Garden Center. We have the fictional company Green Acres Home & Garden Center, and they have just finished promoting their new breakfast menu for their cafe with a flyer advertisement. Now, they would like… Continue Reading “Layout Design: Brochures”

Ads: Promotional Flyers

Design mockup of promotional materials The fictional company Green Acres Home and Garden Center wants to promote their new breakfast menu and generate interest by offering a coupon. One way they can do this is by creating various promotional materials that appeal to their… Continue Reading “Ads: Promotional Flyers”

Photo Editing: Retouching

Retouching portrait photos is a process and there are a variety of ways one can really make an image pop. Some situations call for more time and consideration, like removing pimples, dry skin, brightening the eyes, and blurring the background for effect. For my… Continue Reading “Photo Editing: Retouching”

Photo Editing: Landscape

Example of JPEG before and after editing, taken with Pixel 2 XL. There are different ways to edit a photo based on how the photo was taken and the intention behind the editing. In the case of landscape photography, there is more leeway in… Continue Reading “Photo Editing: Landscape”

Photo Editing: Manipulation

Close-up of Mermaid in a Fishbowl Photomanipulation, often referred to as photomanips or composites, is the art of combining multiple images together to create something new and interesting. This can be used for something simple, like combining multiple family photos taken in the same… Continue Reading “Photo Editing: Manipulation”

Photo Editing: Visual Explosion

Close up of “Break Free”. Visual Explosion is an effect similar to Visual Decay, often used to make an object, or person, appear to becoming apart or leaving a trail behind them. In the image below, the effect was used with a photo of… Continue Reading “Photo Editing: Visual Explosion”

Photo Editing: Visual Decay

Close-up of Figure 2 (seen below in full) Visual Decay is an effect designed to mimic an object coming apart, often used for designs featuring dancers and shoes. It’s a style that can be bold or pushed over-the-top, or subtle like in Figure 1… Continue Reading “Photo Editing: Visual Decay”