At Tali Gibson Designs, we offer a variety of services in the fields of graphic design, mechanical engineering and design, and copyediting. We aim for excellence in all we do, setting a high standard for our team. Please check our out Portfolio for examples of our work.

For inquiries regarding the pricing of our services, please contact us with details of your project. Our team will get back to you promptly. No job is considered too small!

Graphic Design

Advertisements and Marketing

Need to advertise your product, service, business or event? We can help you with that! Whether it’s creating posters or flyers for print, web banners, or campaigns for your Instagram or Facebook pages, we have you covered.

We offer a variety of options to fit your advertising needs and the ability to create work using the latest visual trends. Do check out our portfolio for visual and photo editing examples that can be a focal point of your design, such as text/image interaction, and visual decay or visual explosion.


Infographics are visual representations of data or knowledge and are designed to present information quickly and clearly. They can be large images for a PDF, small snippets to be posted individually on Facebook or LinkedIn, and used for either web or print. The format is incredibly versatile, and is a great way to efficiently get large amounts of information across to an audience.

We can assist you with visualizing your ideas in a way that is interesting, concise, and easy-to-understand for your audience.

Layout Design

Layout design takes on a variety of forms, and the final result can be a PDF, booklet, brochure, lookbook, or an annual report.

The production process for such reports can be quite daunting, as many factors in both design and production of the final product need to be considered. Our team has intimate knowledge of production process, from concept to execution. We will be able to assist you and your team, designing and producing reports to suit your project and brand.

Photo Editing and Retouching

Photo editing has a variety of uses and intention behind the design, from creating interesting visuals for advertising, and catching interest of the viewer. Editing photographs can be anything from changing the image to bring out the vivid colours in nature, correcting red-eye caused by a flash, to creating visual effects such as text/image interaction, and visual decay or visual explosion.

Are you a photographer that has a number of your own clients, and don’t have the time to properly edit photos? It is easy for anyone to get overwhelmed when another big project or emergency comes up, so we’re here to help.

Whether it’s landscape photography, or portrait retouching, we will work with you to capture your style and deliver the edited photos back to you in a timely manner to suit your schedule.

Mechanical Engineering

3D CAD Modeling and Design

Do you need a 3D model of a concept that you can manipulate in a virtual space? Perhaps you are in need of a photo-realistic rendering for a publication. Or are you looking to have your design 3D printed and need the correct file(s) to send to the printer?

Whatever your reason is for needing a 3D model, we are here to help you. We can create models of anything you want and deliver them to you in any format your project requires.

2D Manufacturing Drawing Packages

If you have parts or assemblies that you want to have manufactured, but are lacking the instructional documents to give to a manufacturer, then we can bridge that gap for you. And that includes projects with parts that are to be CNC machined, laser cut, injection molded, or handmade.

We have extensive experience with creating the drawings, with accurate dimensions and tolerances, that a manufacturer requires in order to correctly assemble your project.

Mathematical Modeling of Physical Systems

Have you collected a pile of data from instrumentation or observation and are unsure how to process it or can’t quite make sense of it? We have a great deal of experience with data analysis, visualization, pattern recognition, and determining the mathematical model that best describes the data.

Let us help you understand your data in ways you may not have thought possible!

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Graphic Design

Mechanical Engineering


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